Coyote Attack Thwarted By Cat Defending Small Dog In Their Clutches

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In Edmond, North Dakota, a Havanese puppy named Oakley was saved from a coyote attack thanks to the heroic actions of the family’s cat, Binx, who intervened during the assault. This act of bravery was recorded by the family’s outdoor security camera, and homeowner Lane Dyer later recounted the event to Fox News Digital. Dyer explained that he had briefly let Oakley outside that evening while attending to their other dogs indoors. Shortly after, a disturbance was heard, prompting Oakley to rush back inside and up the stairs, revealing injuries and significant bleeding from wounds on her chest and side.


Dyer’s wife quickly administered first aid to Oakley, applying pressure to the wounds before hurrying her to an emergency veterinary clinic. Initially clueless about the cause of Oakley’s injuries, they reviewed their home’s security footage en route to the vet and were astonished to witness the coyote attack and Binx’s daring rescue.


Binx, without a moment’s hesitation, leaped into action, confronting the coyotes with hisses and aggressive movements, a response that took Dyer by surprise. Binx, a stray who adopted the Dyers’ backyard as her home from a young age, had always shown a preference for outdoor life despite the family’s attempts to welcome her indoors.


This incident marked the first time a coyote attack occurred in their neighborhood, though coyote howls were occasionally heard. Thankfully, Oakley recovered well from her ordeal after receiving medical treatment and stitches.

Reflecting on the incident, Dyer emphasized the importance of not underestimating coyotes, recognizing them as predators capable of targeting pets unexpectedly. He advises pet owners to remain vigilant and protect their animals from potential dangers. Thank you, Binks, for saving your doggy-brother’s life!

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