Monster ‘Nonchalantly’ Dumped His Dog Like Garbage And It Was All Caught On Video

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Security footage caught a heart-wrenching scene in Tampa at the intersection of MacDill Avenue and Azeele Street, where a 2-year-old Pit Bull mix was left abandoned. The incident, recorded by a camera in Dr. Geoffrey Kwitko’s parking area, occurred approximately at 7:45 a.m. on Wednesday, February 7th. The video depicts a driver arriving, stepping out with the dog, and then hastily departing without the animal.

“By the time I stepped outside, both the car and the dog had vanished,” recounted Kwitko. “However, Janeen had just arrived and mentioned spotting the dog along MacDill. I suggested we should try to locate the dog.”

Image/Story Source Credit: Fox 13 Tampa Bay News via YouTube Video

The Pit Bull mix wandered merely a block away, yet it required a full hour for Dr. Kwitko and his colleague Janeen Ibrahim to gain the dog’s trust. Kwitko expressed his disillusionment with humanity, particularly after witnessing such acts of abandonment. “Seeing things like this diminishes my faith in humanity day by day,” he lamented. Ibrahim shared her distress, stating, “It’s simply cruel to do that to an animal.”

On Thursday, February 8th they transported the 60-pound Pit Bull mix to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, where she was affectionately named Goldie, inspired by her eye color.

“It was incredibly fulfilling to offer this dog a chance for a new beginning,” Ibrahim remarked.

Image/Story Source Credit: Fox 13 Tampa Bay News via YouTube Video

Sherry Silk, director of the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, noted an alarming increase in dogs being illegally abandoned or surrendered by their owners. That same Thursday, another disturbing case emerged when someone discovered two dogs in an aqueduct along I-275, both severely underweight, with one unable to stand. Silk condemned such inhumane treatment of pets, emphasizing,

“It’s unimaginable and absolutely unacceptable to abandon pets in this manner.”

The Humane Society speculates that Goldie was abandoned because she was used for breeding and was no longer needed. Fortunately, Goldie is in good health and will soon be available for adoption.

Dr. Kwitko is raising awareness to prevent further instances of abandonment and hopes the car’s owner will be recognized.

“The act of leaving a dog in the middle of the street exposes it to tremendous risk,” Kwitko pointed out.

Image/Story Source Credit: Fox 13 Tampa Bay News via YouTube Video

Abandoning an animal is a misdemeanor, carrying a potential fine of up to $5,000 and possibly imprisonment. Ibrahim described Goldie as “a truly sweet dog, extremely frightened yet incredibly gentle and affectionate.” A formal complaint has been lodged with Hillsborough County Animal Control in response to this incident.

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