Puppy Dropped Off At Shelter Stuffed Inside Cap’n Crunch Cereal Box

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This story begins with a tiny, sweet canine with guileless eyes and a trusting heart. Abandoned by her owners, the adorable creature, unable to comprehend the desertion, persistently wagged her tail in the face of uncertainty.

One day, a woman entered the local shelter cradling an unconventional carrier—a small cereal box harboring an unexpected passenger. Staff exchanged glances as they opened the box, unveiling a puppy compact enough to fit snugly inside. The canine, a mix of Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier, gazed out with her paws perched on the box’s flaps.


The woman claimed she discovered the puppy at the park, but skepticism lingered. Shelter staff, fluent in the nuanced language of forsaken animals, suspected this encounter bore deeper significance. Perhaps the woman was the very individual who had heartlessly abandoned the vulnerable pup.

Now under the shelter’s guardianship, the puppy, named Razz Berry as an homage to the cereal box that ushered her in, bore the scars of neglect. Volunteers leaped into action, showering the miraculous survivor with essential care and attention. Razz Berry underwent a metamorphosis; the fleas were vanquished, and the once forlorn pup transformed into a joyful presence, echoing through the shelter’s corridors with the patter of tiny paws.


News of Razz Berry’s resilience spread widely. Among those captivated by her image were the Sheets family, grappling with the void left by their cherished dog’s departure. Seeking solace, the family saw hope embodied in Razz Berry. Eager families vied for the chance to foster her, but the shelter staff, attuned to the silent narratives of those yearning for companionship, selected the Sheets family.

@RealCapnCrunch⁩ cereal box doggy, “Razz Berry,” settling in very well at the Sheets’ home in Riverside. We cannot help but get gooey over how cute and peaceful she looks. ❤️ pic.twitter.com/wjn54GaWE8

— RivCO animalSERVICES (@helpinRIVcoPETS) July 17, 2019

Convinced that Razz Berry could help heal their wounds, the family met the pup and their hearts skipped a beat. Razz Berry wagged her tail and worked her magic. As Razz Berry nestled in her new family’s embrace, tears of emotion flowed freely from their eyes. This pup was exactly where she belonged!

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