Sometimes A Big Age Difference Doesn’t Matter

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My GBGV Life Sometimes A Big Age Difference Doesn't MatterSometimes a big age difference doesn’t matter. You may remember, I am not a fan of puppies. I ignore them at all cost and don’t like them to hang around me. Nelson is not a puppy anymore, but we are almost nine years apart. Lately, we have been getting closer, and not just here in my dog bed.

My GBGV Life perimeter checkThe two of us enjoy hanging out in the yard together, sniffing the perimeter. We don’t get to take walks together very much because we are similar in our being loud and pulling when we see rabbits or squirrels. Mom says it is simply too much to walk us both. That is alright as I enjoy my alone time with Mom on my walks and Nelson is fine walking mostly with Madison and occasionally with Olivia.

My GBGV Life siblings sittingAs long as nothing better is going on, the two of us can sit together nicely for a photo too.

My GBGV Life Sometimes A Big Age Difference Doesn't Matter With the cooler weather I’ve started to join Nelson in some fence racing games with his Leonberger girlfriend. The two of them are really fast but I keep up as best as I can. I also join in with my hunting call, so it gets loud with Nelson and I calling out as we run.

My GBGV Life triple sun puddleBack in the house we find a good sun puddle in our office lay in. After a lot of exercise and fresh air, a nap is quite welcome. Unfortunately, the cat wants to be with us too. I really don’t know why everyone always wants to me with me. Maybe I need to stop being so nice?

My GBGV Life Sometimes A Big Age Difference Doesn't Matter It’s pretty crazy to think we all have this “little” brother who gets along with everyone and is so much fun to hang out with. Nine years is a big age difference, but it doesn’t matter most of the time. I am lucky to have this guy in my life and my sisters are lucky too.

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