While Thrown-Out Pup Drinks From Puddle Guy Hurries Over

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As animal lovers, our hearts go out to pets in need. The stray dog population, especially in certain countries, has sky-rocketed. It seems like a never-ending battle. But thanks to the kind hearts of animal rescuers, they aren’t deterred and continue to fight for every life in jeopardy. One particular couple, Brady and Oliveira, make an extraordinary team. Their vacation to Bali became a full rescue mission after seeing homeless puppies and dogs wandering the streets. With their hungry bellies and pleas for help, Brady and Oliveira set out to save as many lives as possible.


In this story (and video below), we witness a miracle! The couple was walking down the street when Brady heard a gasp for help. He ran down the block and saw a tiny puppy drinking from a dirty puddle. A caring individual who wanted to help the puppy told Brady he didn’t have the means to save her. Brady asked if he saw where she came from. The man said she was ‘thrown out like trash.’ How could anyone be that uncaring and cruel?


Brady sprung into action while Oliveira got a towel. He picked the puppy up and handed her to Oliveira, who immediately wrapped her up. They named the little pup Suki. They flagged down a taxi and got inside. Luckily, they had rented a small villa that could accommodate the puppy. They rushed back there, where Suki could get some much-needed rest and a healthy meal. The pup was thrilled to be with the devoted couple.

Suki was just one of the puppies Brady and Oliveira rescued. Soon, she was joined by several others. The couple knew they had to extend their trip to ensure each puppy found a forever home. They posted Suki’s story on their social media page and she quickly found a family. She went from living on the unforgiving streets, struggling to survive, to a loving home with all the toys and love imaginable.


Thank you, Brady and Oliveira, for all the amazing things you do! The couple continues to save dogs in need, and for that, we are forever grateful! Play the short video below to see Suki’s rescue and heartwarming happily ever after.

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